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The Sub Branch was formed in Kingscliff circa 1946/47. Written historical detail of the early years is non existant in the records. First recorded President was John Rodwell in 1948 with Jack Sanotti as his Vice President and King Brown and Doug Leigh sharing the responsibility for Secretary.

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COMMITTEE MEETINGS held at 10am the first Monday of every month. MONTHLY GENERAL MEETINGS held at 10am on the third Wednesday of every month (except January)


The club meets most Mondays and also provides specially arranged services around Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. A bus pick up service is provided by the Kingscliff RSL.


The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is held at 10am on the 3rd Wednesday in February. All members of the Sub-branch are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.

Who We Are

Support, Advocacy, Assistance and Friendship

The NSW RSL aims to be recognised and respected as the preeminent association within the Defence Family in New South Wales.


Kingscliff RSL (NSW Branch) Sub-Branch offers advice and preparation of claims under the VEA, MRCA and SCRA by our volunteer Pensions Officer. The RSL does not charge for this service and you do not have to be an RSL member.

Our Pension Officers are trained under the Training and Information Program (TIP). The Training and Information Program (TIP) is a joint venture of ex-service organisations and Veterans’ Affairs providing training for members of the ex-service community as Pensions Officers, Welfare Officers and Advocates.

The Defence Service Assistance Centre also has Pension Officers located at the NSW State Office of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. They are available Monday to Friday 10.00am to 3.00pm and their address is:
Level 1
DVA Building
280 Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Telephone: 9213 7479

Am I eligible to use the RSL State Branch service?
RSL Pensions, Advocacy and Welfare Service is available to all veterans, former and current members of the Defence Force, and their dependants, whether they are RSL members or not.

Eligible Service
The State Branch Pensions, Advocacy and Welfare Service can advise you of your entitlement to benefits according to your service history, even if you are not a current RSL member.

You can also establish your eligibility for benefits and entitlements through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). For further information, visit the DVA website.

Injured in the ADF?
If you are a Veteran or current/former ADF member, and have an injury or illness causally related to your ADF service, or you were discharged on medical grounds, you may be entitled to benefits you didn’t even know about.
For further information on the VEA, SRCA & MRCA, go the DVA website.

ADF Reserves & Cadets
All members of the ADF, including Reserves and Cadets, have compensation coverage under the provisions of the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA) for injury arising out of or in the course of employment before 1 July 2004 (i.e.: duty in the ADF, Reserves, Cadet Corps). This includes injury sustained while travelling between a member’s place of residence and place of employment, including Reserve parades, camps etc.

MRCC Scheme (MRCA)
The New Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (MRCC) Scheme was fully operational on 1 July 2004. The legislation delivers a single, military-specific scheme designed to meet the needs of all ADF members and their families in the event of injury or death. It applies to all service in the ADF from the date of its commencement which was 1 July 2004.

Veterans who are no longer in the ADF (discharged before 1 July 2004) will not be affected by the new legislation and will continue to be covered under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) or the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA).

Lest We Forget

The time has come” an Australian said,
“Bye” as he faced the door and ran ahead.
The war has started the battle begun,
Smack,boom,crash went the lethal gun.
Oww, the pain, other soldiers cried,
Most of their friends sadly died.
All the solders tried to laugh in glee,
But they all missed their family.
Every battle the bugle sang,
The soldiers heard the deafening bang.

Soon the battle is going to end,
The pain inside will never mend.
How they wished to be back home,
Safe and snug and not alone.,
More and more people die,
As more soldiers painfully cry.
When it’s the end of war,
They knock happily at their door
Soldiers go to Flanders field,
With the poppies they wield,
People look at the poppies red,
Like their blood on the graveyards head,
We remember the soldiers, who fought and died.

And all their mates fighting by their side.
We thank the soldiers who kept us alive,
And the times in war they had to survive,
We will always remember the men,
Who gave their life to defend.

Lest we forget.

By James, Aged 11



Providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their Defence Force service

Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans. Today Legacy’s caring and compassionate service assists over 100,000 widows and 1,900 children and dependants with a disability.

Legacy is a voluntary organisation supported by veterans, servicemen and women, and volunteers drawn from all walks of life. Our support and services now extend to include the dependants of members of today’s Australian Defence Force who lose their lives as a result of their military service.

Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of our families through innovative and practical programs aimed at:

  • the protection of individuals and families basic needs;
  • advocating for their entitlements, rights and benefits;
  • assisting families through bereavement; and
  • helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

There are over 5,900 volunteers around Australia who act as mentors to the widows and their families and who ensure Legacy’s promise to care for the families of deceased veterans is kept.

Legacy Website: Please click HERE to visit Legacy’s website for more information on this vital community service

Kingsliff Legacy/Laurel Club:

Legacy currently attend to 161 War Widows within the Kingscliff Community. Legacy meets at the RSL Sub Branch club rooms at 2.00pm on the second Tuesday in every month.

Legacy/Laurel Club meet the third Thursday at 12.30pm in the club rooms.


Kingscliff RSL (NSW) Sub Branch


Club Rooms (Cudgen Leagues Club)
3 Wommin Bay Road, Kingscliff NSW 2487
ABN 93 734 019 569