Kingscliff RSL
Kingscliff RSL
REMEMBRANCE DAY: What a great way to try to re-establish our lives to a level of normalcy that we all once enjoyed. Clear guidelines, a great venue and beautiful weather. Needless to say we had about 100 people gathered for our Remembrance Day service yesterday at the cenotaph at Rowan Robinson Park. The service was MC'd by John Murray, gues speaker was the President of Kingscliff RSL COL Russell Maddalena CSM, the prayers were led by Father Paul McDonal, the Ode recited by Christie Bavage, the Poem by Aaron Barnes and the music was recorded by Geoff Dart - the Robinson family attended the service along with the Buckmans, members of the RSL, the school captains of the Kingscliff High School, the section leaders from St Anthony's Catholic School and members of the general public

A very good event with the extra work provided to meet the Covid 19 restrictions - thank you to all those who assisted particularly David Field and Barry and Gail Synot
Kingscliff RSL
Kingscliff RSL
REMEMBRANCE DAY - 11th of the 11th
Kingscliff RSL will be hosting a service at 10.30am on Wednesday 11th November at the Kingscliff cenotaph. Covid-19 restrictions only allow us to seat 75 people however it will be a full service with wreath laying and the dedication of two new plaques to the Memorial Walkway - social distancing will be necessary and sanitiser will be provided - further information will be provided as we develop this service to meet current restrictions - lest we forget
Kingscliff RSL
Kingscliff RSL
Late last year we had an idea that seemed to make good sense - we decided that to get the bulk of the large crowds that now attend our Anzac Days away from Marine Parade and to make better use of Rowan Robinson Park we would investigate re-badging the ocean side of the cenotaph and conducting the service on the Eastern side centred on the park. We did some measuring and pontificating and seemed to get consensus that it was, in fact, a good idea. Much has yet to be done as the cenotaph is a heritage listed site and as such any work/amendment/alterations made to the site have to be approved - we started work on this. We also got quotes on the service badges that would have to be applied to the cenotaph and applied for a grant. The grant was denied.
The news of this was picked up by the Rotary Club of Kingscliff and I was asked, by Carolyn Byrne to provide a history and presentation to the club - this I did and they agreed to help me raise the money independently. So far we have had pledges from Kingscliff Lions, Tweed Neighbourhood Watch, Kingscliff Rotary and Kingscliff chamber of Commerce - I wish to thank Carolyn, Rotary and these other wonderful contributors for advancing this project to a point where I can almost say I am back in control - Brian
Kingscliff RSL
Kingscliff RSL
Construction Engineers completed their inspection last week and have provided their findings to the the Board of the Leagues Club. Electricity has now been restored and this will provide us with an opportunity to move all salvaged items over to the bus sheds and commence final sorting prior to cleaning. We are also finalising our claim for the insurance company - this is not a small task - we have also been seeking an office to provide basic services to our members - a couple of options have already been identified.
Additionally, we have taken out a lease on a shed at the Storage Kings to have a clean, dry location to place all items as they are repaired/restored - this will be a slow process. We are proceeding cautiously and have been fully supported by the Leagues Club and some wonderful individuals - thank you Kingscliff
Kingscliff RSL
Kingscliff RSL
An Update on RSL Club Room:

Despite some very encouraging rumours circulating around Kingscliff it would seem very little of our furniture and memorabilia is salvageable from the recent fire in the Cudgen Leagues Club - smoke, water and heat have done a lot of damage which has meant that most items have been affected in some way and are unlikely to be restored. Malcolm and Patricia are sorting through all the items today particularly in the search for records and books of account. It is anticipated Insurance Assessors will visit early next week;
Kingscliff RSL
Kingscliff RSL shared a video from the playlist Originals.
We were dissapointed that we couldn't pay our respects to those in the services the way we usually would on ANZAC Day so we have written this song. This goes out to all of those who have sacrificed so much for our amazing country. "We Will Never Forget You". To Download a copy of this track visit
Grug and Micko
Kingscliff RSL
Hype Duo
We were dissapointed that we couldn't pay our respects to those in the services the way we usually would on ANZAC Day so we have written this song. This goes out to all of those who have sacrificed so much for our amazing country. "We Will Never Forget You". To Download a copy of this track visit
Grug and Micko

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